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eNovi™ Dream, Create, Experience™

We are Not Amazon 
We are Not eBay
We are Not aliexpress

There is a rare breed of entrepreneurs that the giant companies simply destroy. We invite you to order and support us. It's our way to keep innovation in the world over time :) Yes, it really matters

One special place where people who value and encourage entrepreneurship, creativity, design and quality come together. We understand the convenience and availability of the largest sites in the world such as Amazon, eBay and Aliexpress.. But, dear friends, we are sorry to inform you that huge companies are causing tremendous damage to entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world by not leaving enough profit to develop and earn a living. The strong and the wealthy survives. We are here to provide you with the original products directly from the designers without high commissions and become the place where you can find the most innovative, smart and high-quality products throughout the Internet while keeping the entrepreneurs in touch.

We Dream, We Create, We Experience! we are eNovi.




"From dream to reality- of anyone everywhere"

eNovi – Simply Great Products Ltd. was founded in 2013. by Sagiv Gurvitch and Shirly Mamo. eNovi's goal is to surprise everyone everywhere with simple, innovative, wonderful and unique products, which offer solutions to many little everyday problems.


"We don’t sell products, we design and distribute simple and amazing solutions" 


Our products are surprising due to the innovative thinking which creates a genially simple product. eNovi affects the fields of leisure, culture, travel, design and comfort.


eNovi is presently made up of a staff of 5 creative minds with unique and innovative thinking, and boundless curiosity. As a team we make sure to transform every dream about a product into an exciting reality for every customer everywhere.


Every product begins with an idea and goes through a fascinating and exciting development process until it is complete and reaches the customer. Our products create an amazing user experience which combines functionality and innovative and unique design, with attention to the user and environment.


"When we see people everywhere - on the train, at the beach, in the street or the park- using our products and embracing them into their everyday life – it's a great satisfaction and a big boost for us to strive for the next surprising product"

Founder Sagiv Gurvitch




Logo Sagiv Gurvitch


"We are committed to ensuring that every new dream will make life easier, better, and more enjoyable, and will transform reality for all of us. Our goal is to develop unique services and products which look and feel great, and are attractive, simple, and both environmentally friendly and easily used by anyone, anywhere. We will put our unique love of life in every process, and undermine the existing status-quo. We believe in new, different, creative and caring thinking for people and and the environment.”  


Our values:

Efficiency value: quick response, observation and measurement, thinking and planning, professionalism, pro-activeness and operation, anticipating problems and providing solutions before they appear.


Attitude value: courtesy, ease, cleanliness, fairness, trust and concern for people and the environment.


Additional value: innovation, surprise, excitement, solution, thinking outside the box, going beyond what is expected, and relevance.




From imagery to the reality of every person, everywhere. To develop, manufacture and distribute innovative, simple, ingenious and relevant products to solve every person's problems, everywhere.


Creative rights and Copyright:


eNovi's work method creates innovation, solutions, benefits and unique designs. We see in this innovation an upper value and we work aggressively and professionally to keep our business assets such as: patents, samples, registered designs, trademarks and copyrights, creative rights, etc. in the U.S.A, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. We treat our innovation and design ability very seriously and expect the same from our partners.   


We at eNovi keep a very close watch on all our patents, samples, registered designs, trademarks, copyrights and creative rights. Should they be violated, we act immediately to obtain Court Orders, sue against direct and indirect damages, court expenses and direct and indirect costs. We work together with the leading litigation offices in Israel and abroad. We have available enforcement methods, observations, and exposure in every trading channel (manufacture, import/export, distribution and marketing).

Doing Everything To Create a Relevant Surprise For You

The only reason we are here is to succeed in surprising you and give you the best service and experience in the world, you invest in us and we invest in you back, this is our agenda every day we open things and get to work how can we surprise how we can be better for you, how To be able to surprise each time anew, at every opportunity, with innovative, high quality products or services. We love you eNovi team

eNovi TEAM
eNovi TEAM
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