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Each and every one of us is constantly on the move throughout the day, so to make our lives simpler, more comfortable, and much better organized, we proudly present:  Mysticko :)


Mysticko is a smart innovation that combines design, simplicity, functionality, and unique user experience. It provides you with a variety of clever solutions to those little daily issues, all in one tiny, easy-to-use product less than 5 cm in size!


The big innovation behind Mysticko is the four suction knobs fitted in two back-to-back pairs that let you attach almost anything to any surface. It’s fun to have and an opportunity to surprise people!



Buy easily in three simple steps: Select your Package!

 Most of our customers buy gifts and we can lower the price! Choose your package:

Mysitkco Store
Mystiko Stick


Mysticko Support
Mystick Hang
Mysticko Hold

Mobile Phone, Tablet, a TV remote, and more


Mobile phone, tablet, drawing board and more


Glasses, tweezers, pens, pencils, makeup tools and more


Keys, kitchen towels and more


More than 50 Various uses, less than 5 cm! 

Mysticko info
Can it be attached to a non-smooth surface?

Is the surface not smooth? We have the solution! With each Mysticko kit we send you the Super Sticker free of charge! This strong, transparent and unique sticker can be attached to a non-smooth surface so that the Mysticko will hold on anywhere: wood, plastic, car dashboards, mobile covers and other non-smooth surfaces - your Super Sticker let you attach your Mysticko anywhere and everywhere :)

TWO in every pack

Super Sticker


Design & Development,
international patent registered.

Mysticko weighs only 5 grams but it can hold up to 100 times its weight. You can stick almost anything to any surface you want! In your car, in the kitchen, at the gym or office, in the field, on a flight, or when you take a selfie! Watch and discover where the Mysticko can be useful for you :)

Mysticko Patent

international patent registered.

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